We are soulmates...


If this ain’t love i don’t know wtf it is!


AU- Post Santana’s first tour, Brittany is shooting a new video with Beyonce. MTV interviews her on her new music and new marriage.


SIGNAL BOOST THIS NEWS! Seriously, how come this isn’t all over tumblr? Angelina Jolie presided over the largest ever global anti-rape summit. She is using her celebrity for good. She is addressing rape in wartime and in conflict zones, which is where it is perpetuated on the most massive scale and in which context always has been used as a weapon.

Feminists of tumblr should get behind this woman. Let’s stop the perpetual erasure and trivialization of women in the media through their sexualization and start looking at the work that they do. Her acts here are easily in danger of being eclipsed by her image in the tabloids which is more concerned with her relationship to Brad Pitt and the fact that she is a sex symbol than the important feminist work that she is performing RIGHT NOW. 

I am such a fan of this lady… and she does not deserve to be trivialized for being a woman, a sex symbol, and a celebrity. Here, she is working for social justice for women all over the world. She’s doing what’s right.

I can’t help but want this… this closeness, intimacy, devotion, comfort, reassurance, love… all of it in one touch.

[…] They are all okay! And all those things could exist in the same woman. Women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people. So don’t focus on writing characters who are strong. Write characters who are people.” — (x)

I’d never ask you ‘cause deep down

I’m certain I know what you’d say

Faberry AU - Rival Popstars Part 1.


this is beyond perfect, she is beyond perfect

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